An IP-PBX is a business phone system designed to deliver voice and video over a data network (IP). One of its main advantages is that the IP phones can be connected to the data network (LAN) of the company in the same way that computers and printers.

In addition to the capabilities inherent in a traditional PBX, an IP-PBX offers new features by using the IP protocol. Audio conferencing, remote extensions, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), interconnection with the public telephone network (PSTN) supporting analog and digital circuits, softphones (software phones) are some of the features supported, plus the possibility to integrate with existing business processes, such as sales and CRM tools.

Another interesting benefit is the list of features it offers, which in traditional phone systems would be extremely expensive. 

Among them:

▪ ACD Functionality (Automatic Call Distribution)

▪ Ring groups

▪ Voicemail delivered to e-mail

▪ Find-me / Follow-me

▪ Conference Rooms

▪ CDR Reports

▪ Call Recording

▪ IVR Systems

▪ Remote extensions

Additionally, thanks to its transport technology (IP), the physical location of IP phones becomes irrelevant facilitating mobility and ubiquity. Thus, a user can travel and make calls within and across the IP-PBX which also gives you the possibility to have a home office environment very easily.



During the past years Sedeco has invested and developed an extensive experience in this revolutionary technology, providing fully flexible and scalable solutions that enable tangible savings since the first month of use of this service.

The VoIP service provided by Sedeco allows users to make phone calls using the existing Internet infrastructure. Calls are completely transparent to the customer, who can choose any of the following connectivity options:


▪ Intercompany

Telephone calls between branches of the company at a flat rate, regardless of the lenght of each call and / or the geographic location. The solution integrates seamlessly with your existing PBX and Internet access without the need for investment in equipment or upgrade in existing systems.


▪ Global Call Termination

For calls generated by an office or user to any destination on the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or to the mobile network, either domestic  or international.


▪ Single-user Global Call Termination

The user gets a local access number and personal identification code that automatically allows him to make long distance calls anywhere in the world and from any telephone device, inside or outside the company.

Our offer includes an integrated set of services including: feasibility analysis, ROI analysis, hardware and software provisioning and maintenance, installation, integration with pre-existing PBX, traffic routing, call statistics, network monitoring and reporting, advanced security options, training and support.


▪ Designed for all organizations or individuals who need phone numbers in other countries but routed to their office / home premises. With Virtual Numbers you will ultimately provide better services to your  partners, customers or suppliers abroad, providing them with local numbers for local calls avoiding expensive long distance charges. Depending on countries, these numbers can be 0800 or standard numbers.