Clients references

Words from our customers

Because we consider there’s no best reference than our clients, we want to show some of the testimonials of those who know and deal with our products and services. Words that speak for themselves. 

Words that speak for themselves.

"When searching for a communications partner, we focus on a provider that offers a solid presence in Asia and that has the ability to respond to our requirements. We are very pleased with our choice. I was really impressed by how fast BT carried out all the installations, with help desk in the language of each country allowing us to have the highest level of control we ever had over our network”. 

Patrick Jerich, Director of Operations, Donaldson

"By using BT’s IP VPN/MPLS services we have noticed a considerable improvement in the application’s performance. Likewise, the possibility of working with one single provider for all our sites has improved the use of our internal resources allowing us to focus our efforts on our own business operation. Our long term strategy consists in migrating towards convergent type of services in order to give support to new applications, and we hope to keep on working with BT as successfully as we did until now”. 

John McDonald, Network Operation’s Manager, RadiSys

"We choose BT because of its creativity and flexibility in the design of our network. We analyzed different options and providers for the management of our global network and BT was definitely the best among any other provider”. 

Paul Krueger, CIO, Vetco

"We contacted BT because our other business units had had a very good experience with them. The design of the network and the QoS resolved all the problems we had in terms of performance, reliability, and support”. 

Damián Acuna, IT Manager, Sky

"BT exceeded the competition with its SLA offer, the technical design of the network and their reporting tools, but most of all, the financial stability was a key factor in the decision. BT has kept every promise and responded successfully to our needs: a solid and reliable network that satisfies our business requirements and that is, at the same time, economically competitive”. 

Willem Veekens, IT Infrastructure Manager, TNT Logistic