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The consultative approach of BT attend several multinational companies to align their investments for the IT area with the main objectives of your business plan. BT offers his profound knowledge of latest technologies, along with its specialized staff, to help your organization define new strategic initiatives and acquisitions, process improvement and implementation of new applications such as ERPs, SCMs or CRMs.


Since the BT approach is independent of the infrastructure itself, provides the most effective and cutting edge tools to manage the corporate network. Our methodology Application Defined Networking (AND) ensures the optimization of your network to successfully support business applications, while our network analysis program (Network Analysis Program - NAP) and our calculation tools so check ROI convincingly. Our portfolio of services, Enterprise Management monitor and provide reports not only on the performance of voice services, data and video that BT offers to its customers, but it also, when combined with our new service FirstWatch ®, the scope expands the same IT infrastructure including each of our clients.


Planned in a diligent, your network can be optimized continuously as time passes, in order to maximize profits, always minimizing the associated costs and the effort required to achieve this goal. Our methodology can be divided into 4 stages:

▪ Survey

▪ Design

▪ Implementation

▪ Optimization


This life cycle takes as its premise the fact that network changes are inevitable, whether due to corporate growth, implementation of new applications, changes in a competitive environment, industry innovations, acquisitions, or any other factor that may affect the status of your business. BT has the unique ability to design customized solutions, while providing necessary services to meet your organization's strategic initiatives. It is for this reason that no matter the size of your company, BT design and deliver a comprehensive solution customized to meet your business requirements.



Corporate applications are considered today as vital to the operation of organizations. The ability to deal effectively with the complex interactions between the network infrastructure and distributed applications is therefore a priority. Typically, network experts are not involved in the initial decisions concerning the choice of the applications to be implemented, if not, on the contrary, participation in such projects is not required until the decision has been filled. This approach often produces a tangible need for adjustment in the existing infrastructure.


Unfortunately, this imperative, exposes the organization to 4 risk factors:



The organization is forced to pay more for a network that does not really need.



The network does not have the resources to provide the support required by new applications, resulting in poor performance at user level.


▪ Competing Applications

The network must be redesigned in order to meet the conflicting needs.


▪ Rationalization of Expectations

The organization shall deal an additional effort and expense outside the budget to train users to new operating conditions, in many cases reducing their expectations.


To avoid these scenarios, we believe that the design of the whole network must be analyzed from a comprehensive perspective that includes a thorough analysis of the applications that must run on it. DNA is a consultative approach facing the network design based on business processes such as inventory and strategic planning, and automated processes to ensure that both voice and video, critical or otherwise traffic that must travel on the network to obtain optimal performance. This is achieved using sophisticated tools, complex analysis techniques and experience of BT staff can offer. The result is a design intended to optimize network performance, scalability, availability and at the same time providing an excellent return on investment.



ERPs, SCMs, CRMs, any other application with web interface or generate traffic within the network are usually the most strategic IT investment for any company. BT can quantify the impact that each of these applications can have on the existing network infrastructure through its Network Analysis Program, which includes:


▪ Screening of the effect of each new application on various IT infrastructure components.


▪ Identification of potential bottlenecks in network infrastructure, prior to implementation.


▪ Calculate the potential ROI for each potential network designs.


As a result of this program, any organization a competitive edge in understanding concise interaction between your applications, your network and business objectives.

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