Help Desk & SLAs

We do understand the needs of our customers. 
When you face a problem, you expect to find a person willing to understand the incident, the seriousness of it and committed to addressing it in the shortest possible time. 
If further progress is constantly notified of treating your problem until complete resolution, what else can you expect from a HelpDesk?

Our HelpDesk, composed of a qualified staff of professionals provides a single point of contact for our customers, responding to questions and problems related to the services we provide in time and so that our customers need.

The times, our clients require ongoing technological changes, responses to the previous day, and in some cases, zero fault tolerance. That's why we prepare and adapt to these demands to accompany them and help make their business more successful.We continuously improve our services by practicing and promoting teamwork, clear communication, and committing ourselves to improve our technical and professional skills.We have a problem management system, based on tickets which keeps track of the incidents. This system gives us the proper monitoring and reporting to the client.The HelpDesk Sedeco, offers a simple and quick to offer solutions to technical problems without leaving your job. With just dial a local number or send an email, which will have been duly informed hiring any of our services, you will have at its disposal a team of certified specialists will provide resolution to their problems in a timely manner.Because the problems do not tell us, just come, Sedeco brings you the best call and on site (when necessary).

Service Level Agreements

Performance is critical to the daily operations of an organization whose business is based on technology infrastructure. With the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) offered by SEDECO, our customers can set appropriate targets for the contracted services, while monitoring the performance of the same compared to the parameters established in the relevant SLA.

The philosophy of SLAs SEDECO is simple: provide a level of service that can be measured, monitored and duly delivered consistently. SEDECO offers SLAs for each of its services based on a specific set of performance indicators.

SEDECO SLAs include quality parameters by class of service, measured both in the backbone or 'end to end', allowing our customers to select the features and service levels specific to each VPN.
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