Information security


The growing importance of security becomes increasingly evident as organizations extend their VPNs over the Internet or wireless connections and include the use of various devices. 

Sedeco provides its customers with the highest level of security available and employs a group of certified security experts in various technologies. 

Our portfolio of security services includes:

▪ Securitization of the integrity of transmitted data through encryption.

▪ Authentication by exchanging digital certificates.

▪ Perimeter security and authorized access control based on the implementation of Firewalls.

▪ Intrusion prevention.

▪ Various connectivity options offered by various authentication methods and security policy enforcement.


A "Penetration Test" is a method of assessing the security of a computer or network by simulating an attack carried out by a malicious user, known as Black Hat Hacker, or Cracker. 

The process involves an active analysis on potential system vulnerabilities, which can range from incorrect configurations, known and unknown flaws in terms of software or hardware, or operational weaknesses in processes. 

This analysis is done from the position of a potential attacker and can involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities. 

Then, a report is generated to the system or network administrator, including any security issues found along with an assessment of its impact. This report may also include a proposal for a technical solution to these problems. 

The intent of a Penetration Test is to determine the possibility of an attack and the potential impact it may have on the business side of the organization and is also one of the fundamental components of an Information Security Audit. 


Nowadays most AntiVirus providers claim to have an effective Antispam  integrated into their product. When it comes to a corporate product, no integrated AntiSpam to an AntiVirus is sufficient to handle the incoming volume of daily spam. Many employees spend valuable working hours to control and eliminate spam received on a daily basis. 

One of the current biggest virtual threats is spam. 

Customer Benefits

Lists: your e-mails are divided into: 

- White List: authorized domains.

- Blacklist: unwanted messages identified as spam.

Database: The service includes a database of domains globally labeled as spammers, with continuous updating.

Analysis of e-mails: full scan at the header level, message body and attachments.

Flexible solution: Filters can be combined for each type of domain.

SEDECO AntiSpam service, can be "trained". This process identifies the messages not filtered by the traditional rules.

Report: every day a report is issued with the emails identified as spam. These emails can be manually released for reading by the user. The frequency of reporting can be configured.

This service is ideal for companies that want to outsource the operational tasks related to spam.

SEDECO Responsibilities:

• Installation

• Setting and maintaining the service

• Updating lists

• Changes to the filtering rules

• Database updates

• Specialized  support 


By installing a firewall at each customer site, this service architecture provides a deep granularity in terms of security control in the corporate network, while it creates a solid base for the implementation of virtual networks (VPNs).

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