Global Networking: MPLS

The development of global networks for the transmission of data, voice and video has become a necessity if you want to stay competitive in the business world. Sedeco provides global solutions fulfilling the requirements of multinational companies, to offer some of the following benefits:

Efficiency: allows you to develop your business at a lower cost.

Security: offered by a private network infrastructure, firewalls, encryption and user authentication where necessary.

Performance: Using the high-level access to web information on availability, performance and level of network operation.

Flexibility: the business needs of your organization continuously change, and you benefit from the easy way to implement changes using the IP protocol.

Operability: staying on the cutting edge of intranet / extranet technology.

Unification: by consolidating converged networks of data, voice and video.

Coverage: with a service offering available in more than 170 countries.

Sedeco offers different network technologies that allow you to maximize the investment and operation of your businesses.

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